Internship DSL-based process configuration

booq is an omnichannel hospitality ordering- and payment solution, and therefore has several channels for interacting with customers. Configuring these steps of the process is inconvenient to do using a long list of checkboxes. Instead, we want to investigate describing the sales process as a number of interacting processes..

Internship model-checking online payment services

Verifying the correctness of interacting systems is a serious challenge. The fact that communication between these systems mostly happens asynchronously, and across multiple vendors, makes verification even harder. We would like to see a model-checking based solution that verifies the correctness of these interacting systems.

Stage softwareontwikkeling, interaction design, front-end, tester en meer!

Kassa’s, bar- en keukenmanagement, webshops… We doen bij Eijsink heel veel, maar de rode draad is duidelijk: we maken software. Hele slimme, ijzersterke software. Wie weet samen met jou.