Stagiair Marketing (Hengelo)

Word jij enthousiast van pakkende marketingcampagnes en het analyseren van online trends? Heb je een neus voor creatieve content en ben je klaar om volledig mee te draaien in een professioneel marketingteam? Dan hebben we de perfecte stage voor jou!

Internship: An open-rewrite recipe for rewriting JUnit assertions to AssertJ assertions

Companies usually have software conventions to ensure developers solve problems in a common way. For example, Eijsink has a convention written down that says all unit tests should use AssertJ assertions (, instead of JUnit assertions (

Stage softwareontwikkeling, interaction design, front-end, tester en meer!

Kassa’s, bar- en keukenmanagement, webshops… We doen bij Eijsink heel veel, maar de rode draad is duidelijk: we maken software. Hele slimme, ijzersterke software. Wie weet samen met jou.

Internship DSL-based process configuration

booq is an omnichannel hospitality ordering- and payment solution, and therefore has several channels for interacting with customers. Configuring these steps of the process is inconvenient to do using a long list of checkboxes. Instead, we want to investigate describing the sales process as a number of interacting processes..

Internship model-checking online payment services

Verifying the correctness of interacting systems is a serious challenge. The fact that communication between these systems mostly happens asynchronously, and across multiple vendors, makes verification even harder. We would like to see a model-checking based solution that verifies the correctness of these interacting systems.